The app tells me that the selected binary isn't supported or that the selected key file isn't valid

placiibo currently only supports binaries with a size between 532 and 572 bytes and encryption keys that are 160 bytes.

Please try again with supported files.

When I succesfully write a tag and then try to use it with a gamesystem, it tells me it's not a valid figurine?

Sadly there are some environmental circumstances that cause issues for some.
These are due to the phone having issues acquiring or maintaining a connection with the tag.
In those instances the phone could still wrongly show a checkmark to indicate success prematurely.

Some solutions that have resolved this issue for most people are:

Since this issue typically means that the writing process got interruped before the tag could be locked, it means that in almost all cases you can reuse the tag and try again with the same tag.
In other words: should you experience this issue, the tag isn't wasted.

Does placiibo support NDEF?

No, placiibo currently doesn't support NDEF.

I can't add more than two binary files to the library

The free version of placiibo limits the number of binaries you can import into the library to two entries. If you leave a tip within the app you'll unlock placiibo+ with has no limits, removes all ads and unlocks customisation options.

I receive an error while trying to write to a tag

Pretty much all possible errors occur because the phone wasn't able to connect to the NFC tag or lost connection during writing.

Please make sure you optimise conditions by removing the case from the phone if you're using one, making sure you use high quality NTAG215 tags with ample antenna size and you hold the tag near the iPhone's antenna.

Can you provide files to use with placiibo?

No, placiibo is offered as is.

I've got a different question that isn't answered in this FAQ

I've you've got any other questions, you can reach us either on Twitter through @placiiboapp or by sending an email to